Modu Type Drill Ship
Original Hull Designer CUSS Group
Current Hull Design Owner Transocean
Hull Design Class II-Class
Category or Generation 2nd
Sub Type
Year Introduced 1962
Units Built(Approx) 3
Minimum Water Depth(ft)
Maximum Water Depth(ft) 600 - 20000
Hull Dimensions,Length x Depth x Breadth(ft) 268 x 58 x 16
Hull Shape
Number of Columns or Legs
Column or Leg Type
Station Keeping
Derrick Type
Hookload Capacity(kips)
Drilling Variable Load(kips) 7952
CUSS II, CUS III & CUSS IV & CUSS V. Bottom-up new design. Rebranded Glomar II, III, IV & V in 1964 due Arabic translation of word "Cuss"