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Welcome to your password-protected login area for our custom NatResPro Work History Builder software. It’s free to use, and you’ll be able to record, store, edit and download your Resume Profile and Rig Work History.

The NatResPro Resume Profile Builder allows you to conveniently add all of the relevant records of your details, qualifications and experience. We make it easy for you with drop-down menus of pre-filled information, as well as fields for information such as specialist knowledge and certificates. Explicitly designed for E&P workers, you can easily see what’s needed, and what might be missing from a resume or CV created on generic software. After completion, you can conveniently download a PDF to be included in employment applications, tender bids, and so on.

The NatResPro Rig Work History Builder helps you to create a record of the specific rigs and locations that you’ve worked on in the past. This record can be saved and updated over time. HR departments and rig managers will be able to see in which teams you’ve been included. It makes it easier for them to gauge your suitability for a current role, as well as adding a helpful document to the package of credentials that you supply. This document can also be downloaded as a PDF for your professional use.

Please choose a complex password, (it can get reset at a later date), and we also comply with all best practices in data security. This software is a resource that you can come back to and edit again and again, as your career unfolds.