Candidate - 3146




Bachelors Degree


Industry Experience

Drilling & Well Engineering Senior Drilling Engineer, Drilling Superintendent
Management Drilling Manager
Drilling Service Company 19 years 6 months
Oil and Gas Operator 6 years 10 months
Observation No certification on file
Onshore Work Unit Land-rig, Jungle
Offshore Work Unit Shallow Water (< 610 m), Jack-up, Platform, Deep Water (610 - 1,830 m)
Reservoir Type Clastic, Carbonate, Fractured Carbonate, Hydrostatic, Sub-normal - Depleted
Reservoir Fluid Oil, Gas, Underground Storage
Well Type Vertical, Directional, High Angle, Horizontal, Extended Reach, Re-entry, Sidetrack, Short-Raduis, Ultra Short-Radius
Drill Fluid Type Water-Based
Drilling Conveyance Drillpipe, Coiled Tubing Drilling - CTD
Drilling Environment Drilling Optimization, Geosteering, Rotary Steerable
Well Intevention & Cased Hole Logging Hydraulic Workover
Completion Architecture Single String
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Change Management (MOC), Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS), Emergency Respone, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Permit to Work (PTW), Personal Task Risk Analysis (PTRA), Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)
Major Other Basins North Sea, North Africa - Sirte-Sahara, West Africa - Niger Delta, East Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia - Sumatra, Sabah/Sarawak, Nile Delta
Drilling & Completion Software COMPASS™, WELLPLAN™, CasingSeat™, StressCheck™
Supply Chain Software SAP
International on Rotation, International as Expatriate
Additional Anonymity, Bronze