Candidate - 3143




Bachelors Degree


Industry Experience

Geoscience Operations Geologist, Production Geologist
Drilling Service Company 5 years 3 months
Oil and Gas Operator 14 years 3 months
Observation No Current Requirement for any Certification
Onshore Work Unit Land-rig
Offshore Work Unit Shallow Water (< 610 m), Deep Water (610 - 1,830 m), Jack-up, Semi-submersible, Platform
Reservoir Type Clastic, Carbonate, Fractured Carbonate, Basement, Hydrostatic, Sub-normal - Depleted, Ab-normal - High Pressure, HPHT, Sour - H2S, High Temperature
Reservoir Fluid Oil, Gas
Well Type Vertical, Directional, High Angle, Horizontal, Extended Reach, Water Injector
Drill Fluid Type Water-Based, High-Performance Water-Based
Drilling Conveyance Drillpipe
Drilling Environment Rotary Steerable, Drilling Optimization, Geosteering, Drillstring Vibration, Floating - Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling, Rotating Control Devices, Conventional Coring
Well Intevention & Cased Hole Logging Braided Wireline, Electric Wireline, Sidewall Coring
Completion Architecture Single String, CRA
Perforating, Stimulation, Testing & Production Logging Acid Stimulation, Drill Stem Tests, MDT Formation Tester
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Change Management (MOC), Permit to Work (PTW), Root Cause Analysis, Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)
Major North American Basins Mid-Continent/West Texas, Mississippi/East Texas
Major Other Basins Middle East, North Sea, West Africa - Niger Delta, North Caucasus - Kopet-Dag, Santos-Campos-Espirito Santo, Sabah/Sarawak
Drilling & Completion Software OpenWells™
International on Rotation, International as Expatriate