Candidate - 2711




Masters Degree


Industry Experience

Over 30
Drilling & Well Engineering Multilateral Well Specialist
Completions, Well Intervention & Workovers Completion Engineer
Drilling Service Company 12 years 2 months
Observation No Current Requirement for any Certification, Candidate Willing to Renew Elapsed Certification
Offshore Work Unit Shallow Water (< 610 m), Platform
Reservoir Type Clastic, Carbonate, Hydrostatic, Ab-normal - High Pressure
Reservoir Fluid Oil, Gas
Well Type Vertical, Directional, High Angle, Horizontal, Sidetrack, Multilateral, Expandable Casing, Short-Raduis, Ultra Short-Radius, Re-entry, Surface Splitter
Drill Fluid Type Water-Based, High-Performance Water-Based, Oil-Based, Synthetic Oil-Based
Drilling Conveyance Drillpipe
Well Intevention & Cased Hole Logging Slickline, Braided Wireline, Electric Wireline
Completion Architecture Open Hole, Liner, Slotted Expandable, Perforated Casing, Single String, Dual String, CRA, ESP, Sand Control, Gas Lift, Permanent Packers, Tie-Back Packers, Inflatable Packers
Major North American Basins Newfoundland/Jeanne d’Arc
Major Other Basins North Sea, West Africa - Niger Delta, North Africa - Sirte-Sahara, West of Shetland, Caspian Sea
Premium, Elite, Gold