Candidate - 2709




Bachelors Degree


Industry Experience

Over 30
Drilling & Well Engineering Drilling Engineer, Drilling Superintendent, Performance Coach - Mentor, Well Control Specialist, Rig Auditor
Wellsite Operations & Supervision Drilling Supervisor
Roustabout 1 year 6 months
Floorhand 6 months
Derrickman 1 year
Assistant Driller 1 year
Driller 4 years
Drilling Contractor 20 years
Drilling Service Company 10 months
Oil and Gas Operator 16 years
IWCF IWCF Drilling Level 4 - Combined (expired on 08-Sep-2018)
Medical Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Medical (expired on 11-Jul-2018)
HSE, Survival & Emergency Response MIST CBT Safety Training for Experienced Workers (expired on 24-Jun-2019), BOSIET (expired on 16-Jun-2019), HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (expired on 16-Jun-2019), ECT Escape Chute Training (expired on 16-Jun-2019), Basic H2S Training (expired on 05-Mar-2018), CA-EBS Compressed Air Emergency Breathing (expired on 17-Jun-2019), IMO 2 - Oil Spill Clearance (expired on 25-Jun-2018)
Onshore Work Unit Land-rig
Offshore Work Unit Shallow Water (< 610 m), Deep Water (610 - 1,830 m), Ultra-Deep Water (> 1,830 m), Jack-up, Semi-submersible, Drill-ship, Platform, Snubbing Unit, Dual-activity Drill-ship
Reservoir Type Clastic, Carbonate, Hydrostatic, Ab-normal - High Pressure, HPHT, Sour - H2S
Reservoir Fluid Oil, Gas
Well Type Directional, High Angle, Horizontal, Extended Reach, Multilateral, Abandonment, Decommisioning, Relief Well, Re-entry
Drilling Conveyance Drillpipe, Thru Tubing Rotary Drilling - TTRD
Drilling Environment Rotary Steerable, Drilling Optimization, Geosteering, Drillstring Vibration
Completion Architecture Open Hole, Single String, Dual String, Tie-Back Packers
Major North American Basins Gulf of Mexico
Major Other Basins North Sea, West Africa - Niger Delta, North Africa - Sirte-Sahara, Orinoco - Trinidad, East Mediterranean, West of Shetland, Sabah/Sarawak
International on Rotation, International as Expatriate, International with Restrictions
Premium, Elite, Gold