Candidate - 2687




Bachelors Degree


Industry Experience

Drilling & Well Engineering Senior Drilling Engineer
Drilling Service Company 1 year 0 month
Oil and Gas Operator 6 years 3 months
IWCF IWCF Drilling Level 4 - Surface (expired on 15-Aug-2018)
Observation Candidate Willing to Renew Elapsed Certification
Onshore Work Unit Land-rig, Desert
Offshore Work Unit Deep Water (610 - 1,830 m), Semi-submersible
Reservoir Type Clastic, Carbonate, Ab-normal - High Pressure, HPHT, Sour - H2S
Reservoir Fluid Oil
Well Type Vertical, Directional, High Angle, Horizontal, Extended Reach, Relief Well
Drill Fluid Type Water-Based, High-Performance Water-Based
Drilling Conveyance Drillpipe, Drill with Casing
Drilling Environment Rotary Steerable, Drilling Optimization, Geosteering, Drillstring Vibration, Managed Pressure Drilling
Major Other Basins North Africa - Sirte-Sahara, Nile Delta
Drilling & Completion Software COMPASS™, WELLPLAN™, StressCheck™, OpenWells™, CasingSeat™, EDM™
International on Rotation, International as Expatriate, International with Restrictions
Premium, Elite, Gold
English, Arabic